A company full of rich traditions, HERMANN SONS FRATERNAL INSURANCE is named after HERMANN THE CHERUSKER, an early German hero recognized for his leadership and valor. HERMANN SONS' history can be traced as far back as 1840 when a handful of men of German descent organized in New York City and formed the order as a brotherhood. The mission of the brotherhood was to provide aid to each other, aid to the sick and aid to widows and orphans.

The Texas Order of HERMANN SONS was formed in San Antonio in 1860 and has grown to its current membership of more than 73,000. Based on the lodge system, the company's first San Antonio lodge was formed in 1861. In Texas, the lodge system has grown to more than 135 lodges. The home office, or "Grand Lodge," is located in San Antonio, Texas, and was founded on March 27, 1890.

On July 1, 1875, the National Grand Lodge mandated the purchase of life insurance as a requirement for membership. Since that date, the focus of Hermann Sons' insurance program has been to help provide financial protection to its members and their families.

In addition to offering excellent insurance, annuities and commercial loans, Hermann Sons provides many living benefits for its membership. Dance classes and summer camp are available for junior members, numerous lodge activities are offered to all members, and a retirement community provides security and companionship for senior membership.

Today, HERMANN SONS is a dynamic and thriving company with more than 60 home office employees and approximately 150 sales agents. With the motto of FRIENDSHIP, LOVE AND LOYALTY as their guide, the senior officers of HERMANN SONS bring more than 150 years of industry experience and more than 200 years of HERMANN SONS membership experience to their elected positions.

As the company continues to grow, the officers and employees of HERMANN SONS look forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities that the future holds.

Hermann Sons is committed to providing first class products, service and fraternal benefits to all of its membership.